How to Get Quick Cash

April 3, 2021
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How to Get Quick Cash

From side-gigs to one-off sales, the opportunities to add a significant amount of financial cushion to your life are very real.

If you’re thinking, “I need cash today,” there are definitely non-scammy, entirely sustainable ways to put three to four figures in your pocket.

Across the U.S., in fact, a Bankrate survey shows that 45% of Americans already have a few extra avenues of cash generation.

It’s an innovative way to save money for luxury or discretionary spendings like vacations or electronics. Others use it to pad their savings even more or start an emergency fund.

No matter how you decide to monetize, or what you decide to sell, here are five instant ways to get money fast.

1) Selling Your Car For Cash

Your old car may be much more valuable than you realize!

Many families have a car in their driveway that is either not usable anymore, or that they’re having a hard time selling in a private sale. Instead of going back and forth on Craigslist, the best thing you can do if you’re looking for quick ways to get cash is locating a salvage yard.

Well-organized and operational salvage yards will often make you a deal for your car, even if you think it’s not worth much. Salvage yards are interested in more than just the automobile’s body or metal — they’ll also evaluate its cash value based on the parts your car can offer their inventory.

If it’s a popular make and model, you stand to gain much more money than you realize. Salvage yards will also throw in towing services if your car can’t make it to their location.

All in all, selling your car for cash is a good deal and a smart way to make money fast.

2) Start a Side Hustle on TaskRabbit

If you’re a natural at putting furniture together, or you don’t mind spending a day helping people move for cash, TaskRabbit can set you up with a crazy supply of customers without you having to waste time looking for them.

One of the most advantageous things about making money on the side with TaskRabbit is that they have a section specifically for IKEA customers. You can make easy money by following IKEA’s simple directions for other people!

3) Use eBay to Clear Your Junk and Make Some Cash on the Side

In 2017, entrepreneur and speaker Gary Vaynerchuk began the Flip Challenge craze, which invited people to find extra money by selling their household items.

His advice to audiences was to methodically do research on the most popular items before scouring your own home (and the garage sales of others) to find and sell them.

The challenge continues strong to this day. The result was thousands of eBay-neophytes completely transforming their personal incomes with quick cash infusions of anywhere from $500 to $1000 a week.

4) Negotiate Your Bills

If you need cash today, these strategies will help you make instant money.

However, you can also plan for gains long-term by negotiating your bills. That doesn’t mean you cut out things — maybe you’re already at the bare essentials and you can’t cut anything out anymore.

Instead, use Ramit Sethi’s advice to keep services like a cable bill, phone bill, or even credit card intact while negotiating to lower the total amount or interest rates based on your loyalty.

A Wealth of Money-Making Avenues

Some of these ideas can be a one-time option while others can become an ongoing option. If you can get creative, there are a wealth of money-making avenues open to you.

For example, car enthusiasts who sell their cars can then use the money to purchase and restore an older model. If you gain momentum selling a few items from around your home on eBay, you may be surprised to see how quickly and easily you can transform that into a reselling business.

At Tear A Part, we understand the resale and car part business better than anybody. If you’re thinking about how to get money fast, visit our exceptional database and organized salvage yard. Visit Tear A Part to learn more about the selling process!

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