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Find Your Preferred Make and Model Fast

When you arrive at any of Utah’s salvage yards, you may expect to see heaps of cars organized in neverending rows. They may be stacked efficiently — but are they truly well-organized? At Tear-A-Part, we use a unique inventory catalog system that keeps our cars physically well-ordered and easily searchable. Within seconds, we can respond to your inquiries and requests about your preferred make and model. 

Gain deep insight into the history of your preferred vehicle through our advanced inventory search system. Tear-A-Part’s junkyards in Ogden and SLC, Utah are known for their exceptional attention to detail and personalized customer service. Our extensive auto parts and vehicle database is just one of the ways we deliver impeccable customer service for our clients. 

Start your custom car project or bring a used car back to life. Your preferred make and model is just a search away when you visit Tear-A-Part’s salvage yards in Utah.  

Top Quality Used Car Parts are Just an Inventory Search Away

Tear-A-Part salvage yards in Ogden and SLC are the best solution when you’re looking to find used auto parts in Utah. Our sizable inventory grows every season, and our clients can choose from a wide variety of vehicles for their parts. Used vehicle parts come with a 30-day money-back guarantee or store credit, which you can use to purchase any other part.

The Tear-A-Part inventory tracking and cataloging system can help you locate the exact location of your chosen parts. When you browse our inventory, you will find multiple vehicles in our junkyards that can service your needs. Take a look at our new arrivals, view our price list, and choose the part that suits your budget best. Our proprietary interchange system makes it easy for you to find out details like OEM compatibility, and more. These details can make all the difference when finding not just a part, but the right part. 

Buy used auto parts with confidence. Visit Tear-A-Part salvage yards in SLC and Ogden today!

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