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As long as you’ve got the tools, we’ve got the parts.

When it comes to salvage yards in Salt Lake City, you won’t want to go anywhere other than Tear-A-Part. The inventory available isn’t like any other salvage lot you’ve gone to before. With a bustling location in Salt Lake City, you’ll find new inventory and premier auto parts at discounted prices every day

Whether you’re looking for brake pads or want to reupholster your car seats, Tear-A-Part will surprise you with the vast inventory available in the lots.

Who knows — maybe you’ll find something you didn’t even know you were looking for!

What Is Tear-A-Part?

Tear-A-Part is a salvage yard that specializes in buying and selling cars, as well as providing top-quality used auto parts. If you’re looking for somewhere to pick and pull in Salt Lake City with excellent customer service, then you’ve found the right place.

Founder Pete Mantas is no stranger to the business. As a truck hobbyist, he began rebuilding and selling trucks in 1974. As time went on, he recognized the demand for inexpensive auto parts, which lead to his decision to start Tear-A-Part’s self-service auto parts shop in 1987.

Today, Tear-A-Part remains environmentally-conscious by always finding uses for secondhand cars and auto parts and boasting an award-winning system for the safe extraction and separation of hazardous fluids

More Than A Salvage Yard

The lot isn’t just a salvage yard — you can also sell your car or even buy a car.

In addition to the extensive lots, Tear-A-Part keeps a full inventory on a variety of auto parts that are sure to fit any DIY project. So, instead of ordering online or going to the dealership, take your car into your own hands by browsing a the used auto parts inventory.

Why Used Auto Parts

Buying used auto parts might not be everybody’s first choice when it comes to working on their vehicle — but it should be! Getting secondhand parts from a trusted source like Tear-A-Part promises fit and functionality at a lower cost

There are three main reasons why people prefer to buy pre-owned when it comes to shopping for car parts.

Reason #1

Fit and Functionality

When some people hear the word “used,” they worry about quality and functionality.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about compromising those things when browsing through Tear-A-Part’s salvage yards since every item meets Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards.

When an item is OEM-certified, the fit and functionality of that part are guaranteed.

Reason #2

Lower Cost

Let’s face it: cars are expensive, and so is the upkeep.

Buying off-the-shelf auto parts can cost double what you’d pay at a salvage yard for used parts. So, it’s a no-brainer that shopping secondhand means you’re spending less money.

If you’re looking to save money on fixing your car, then you can’t go wrong with purchasing used auto parts. Some people also prefer buying pre owned parts for DIY projects, which saves a fortune on labor costs.

Reason #3

Staying Environmentally-Conscious

Reusing items (especially auto parts) is being environmentally-conscious.

By purchasing used auto parts at your local salvage yard, you’re giving a perfectly functional piece a second purpose. It also lowers the demand for new parts, so fewer resources are used in major manufacturing plants.


“I love this place! It’s the only wrecking yard I’ll go to. They have it laid out neat and orderly, the prices are very reasonable... They turn their
inventory every few weeks so they always have new stuff.” — Rich L

“I love the Ogden Tear-A-Part! Nice, clean, and very friendly! They had the parts I needed at a great price! I will be back!” — Stormy T.

Used Auto Parts in Salt Lake City

Just because a car isn’t functional doesn’t mean its parts don’t have any life left, and nobody knows that better than the team at Tear-A-Part.

That’s why we’re on a mission to help make used auto parts part of the norm when it comes to car repair. Tear-A-Part has two striving locations in Salt Lake City with new inventory every day.

So when you want to save some money on your auto parts, there’s nowhere else you should go other than Tear-A-Part. You’ll find all the premier pieces you need for your vehicle. And even if you don’t, that specific part is bound to come in soon.

You can browse our Salt Lake City lot or give us a call at 801-886-2345 to see what we have in store for you.

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