10 Ingenious Ideas for Recycled Car Parts

January 8, 2021
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10 Ingenious Ideas for Recycled Car Parts

Are you in need of a few new decor ideas to spice things up around the house?

How about using recycled car parts for a unique twist to your homestead? Why?

Why not?

Car parts are durable, making them ideal for use in recycling projects. And with a little imagination (and elbow grease), a piece from an old automobile can transform your house or yard in innumerable ways.

Projects utilizing recycled car parts range in complexity, but many are perfect for the average DIYer. From a chair for your deck to a glove box coloring station, here are ten ingenious ways to upcycle parts of a car.

So grab a car part, and get to work. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities.

1. Truck Canopy Roof

Designed to keep out the weather, fiberglass truck canopies make an ideal roof. They’re great for sheds, outbuildings or playhouses.

This chicken coop boosts a blue truck canopy with plywood inserts to seal the ends. This roof protects the chickens year round – even in the rain and snow.

Car Part Needed: Truck Canopy/Shell

Tutorial for a smaller truck canopy chicken coop found here.

2. Seatbelt Key Holder

Do you ever misplace your keys? Believe it or not, an old seatbelt key holder can help!

Simply push the button to release your keys, and snap them back in place when you’re done.

Leave part of the seat belt attached, or use a nail to secure the buckle end to a piece of wood instead. Or keep it simple and hang it up on a nail. However you secure it, you’ll always know where to find your keys.

Car Part Needed: Seatbelt Tongue and Corresponding Seatbelt Buckle

Tutorial for a similar product found here.

3. Tire Planter

Every car needs four tires. Since they’re so abundant, crafters all around the world find inspiration for reusing the rounded rubber.

And tires just so happen to make beautiful planters. This planter was created from a wheel left on the rim – which formed a nice and sturdy pedestal base.


Car Part Needed: Tire (with wheel rim if desired)

Tutorial for a similar planter found here.

4. Emblem Bookend

This chrome siding and emblem from an old truck sure makes a fun decoration as a bookend.

First, build a simple wooden bookend. Then, attach your chrome with a strong adhesive.

This easy bookend adorned with a Chevy emblem makes the perfect addition for a little boy’s bookshelf.

Car Part Needed: Side Emblem and Chrome

Simple bookend tutorial here; then use adhesive to attach your chrome.

5. Truck Mirror Dress Up Corner

Kids love dressing up! Add some style to their dress up area by securing a large truck mirror to get the full picture.

They’ll be able to check out their outfits and see how they look in vintage – you could even wire some car headlights above the mirror to complete the look!

Car Part Needed: Large Truck Side Mirror

6. Glove Box Coloring Station

A couple of screws secure a glove box to the wall. Use this extra storage space to organize your child’s art supplies and papers.

Tuck in some crayons, colored pencils and markers – in as little as a few minutes you have a complete coloring station.

Glove boxes come in a variety of sizes, so pick one that best meets your needs. This one is from a full-sized pickup and easily holds file folders.

Car Part Needed: Glove Box

7. Wheel Rim Hose Storage

Long lag screws hold a steel wheel rim to the side of your house or shed. The shape makes it ideal for holding hoses – keeping them from tangling up after use.

A coat of spray paint can match the color of your siding, or add a pop of complementary color.


Car Part Needed: Steel Wheel Rim

8. Car Door Handle Cupboard Hardware

Add a touch of upcycled modern shine to your kitchen by using car door handles as hardware.

But make sure to take care to measure before you drill your pilot holes. That way the handle ends up centered where you want it.

Car Part Needed: Matching or Coordinating Car Door Handles

9. Car Seat Deck Chair

Car seats are comfortable! They’re designed to sit in for hours, so they have support in all the right spaces.

Bring the comfort of a car to your outdoor living space. Just attach the car seat’s base to a wooden frame. You’ll have a comfy seat for watching the sun rise or set.

Alternatively, attach the seat to a rolling base and you’ve got yourself a unique (and comfortable) office chair.

Car Part needed: Captain’s Chair

Tutorial for car seat desk chair here.

10. Gun Rack Coat Hanger

Believe it or not, a gun rack used to adorn almost every truck. They’re harder to find nowadays, but if you track one down they make an amazing coat hanger.

All it takes is just a couple of screws to attach it to the wall, and you can deck out your mudroom with some old country flair.

Car Part Needed: Gun Rack

In Conclusion

If you’re ready to tackle some DIY car upcycling, but lack the car parts you need, you should come on down to Tear-A-Part Auto Recycling. Odds are, we probably have the part you’re looking for.

At the very least, we have plenty to serve as inspiration! We can’t wait to hear about your project! Share them with us on Twitter:@TearapartUT or Facebook.

(Photo credit: Bryan Tanner Photography, used with permission)

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