10 Surprising Car Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

November 27, 2023
Useful Car Hacks

10 Surprising Car Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Owning a car is like embarking on an endless journey of learning. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you stumble upon hacks that make you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Here are ten car hacks that are sure to make your life easier and your driving smoother.

1. Toothpaste for Headlight Cleaning:

Foggy headlights? A dab of toothpaste can work wonders. Just rub it in, rinse off, and watch your headlights shine bright.

2. Pool Noodles to Prevent Door Dings:

Cut a pool noodle in half and mount it on your garage wall where the door hits. This simple hack saves your car from unwanted dings.

3. Hand Sanitizer for Frozen Locks:

A drop of hand sanitizer can thaw a frozen lock in no time, thanks to its alcohol content. Say goodbye to wrestling with keys on chilly mornings.

  1. Clear Nail Polish to Stop Windshield Cracks:

Notice a small crack on your windshield? A little clear nail polish can prevent it from spreading until you get it fixed.

5. Shower Caddy for Organized Eating:

Turn a shower caddy into your personal dining tray for those on-the-go meals. It keeps everything in place, making car meals less messy.

6. Silicone Muffin Cups in Cup Holders:

Place silicone muffin cups in your cup holders to catch crumbs and spills. When they get dirty, just wash and replace!

7. Socks on Wipers to Prevent Freezing:

In cold weather, cover your wipers with socks overnight to prevent them from freezing to your windshield.

8. DIY Trash Can:

Keep your car clean by using a small cereal container as a trash can. It’s the perfect size and keeps trash contained and out of sight.

9. Rubber Bands as Phone Holders:

Thread a rubber band through your air vent for a makeshift phone holder. It’s a simple solution for hands-free navigation.

10. De-icer Spray from Kitchen Ingredients:

Mix three parts vinegar with one part water and spray it on your windshield to prevent ice build-up.

With these car hacks, you’re not just driving; you’re cruising with a little extra wisdom under your belt. Happy driving!