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Dropping off your car at a salvage yard may seem like a good way to simply offload a junker and get some cash, but it’s also a significant way you can contribute to a better environment. It also helps make it easier for car owners who are looking for spare parts — or even lead you to the part you’re looking for!

That’s what Tear A Part offers. We’re a salvage yard in Ogden, Utah where you can pick apart or sell your car for cash.

Our operation is simple but well-structured. We operate one of the

most organized junkyards in Ogden, and no car gets dropped off at our premises without being fully logged, tagged, and uploaded onto our online and on-location inventory.

We believe that auto recycling can benefit both buyers and sellers. But to gain this benefit, you need to be able to expect a faster, better parts search for your auto.

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Choose Tear A Part To Sell Your Car In Ogden

Not all unwanted cars are junk cars, and not all junk cars are valued the same. You could have a cash cow sitting on your driveway and not even know about it.

Before you tow your car off as scrap metal, contact our team of professional technicians at Tear A Part in Ogden. Our focus as an auto-recycler is to make sure we pay you top dollar — the right amount you deserve — for your vehicle.

Tear A Part has the fastest buying process in Utah: After assessing your car, we’ll pay you cash on the spot. We’ll even take on the responsibility for picking it up and hauling it away.

In the ecosystem of used car buying and selling, our role as auto recycler is pretty crucial. We have a vested interest in making sure that your vehicle is dismantled safely and efficiently, with as low of an environmental impact as our advanced technology allows.

When you choose Tear A Part, you’re contributing to that crucial ecosystem. The outer body of a car often hides perfectly salvageable and even useful parts. Our evaluation will take into consideration the value you are bringing us and others who can benefit from these parts.

So we make sure that our offered price aligns with the value you bring — running or non-running, title or no title

Take Advantage of the Tear A Part Promise

Besides our promise as auto recyclers offering a sustainable, environmentally-sound solution for junk cars in Ogden, we also maintain our promise to our clients:

To provide high-quality customer service, pay top dollar for your car, and offer premium used auto parts other salvage yards just don’t have

Many auto recyclers don’t keep track of their inventory, which means they may or may not have what you’re looking for.

The Tear A Part used car parts database allows you to find what you’re looking for with ease. After-hours emails, prompt callbacks, honored price quotes, and precise car locations — that’s what our customers have come to expect from us.

This dedication to customer satisfaction is also what surprises our new customers most. We operate in ways our competitors don’t and we use the power of technology in ways they just won’t.

Learn more about how easy it is to sell your car in Ogden through Tear A Part.

Buy Your Used Car Parts With Confidence

The only way to back our guarantee of premium used car parts to you is to have a trackable system.

That’s why we’ve enhanced our inventory with an organized, structured list of new arrivals you can browse through online. From here, take a moment to check out our price list, which features transparent and competitive unit prices on all our available part

Browse Our Comprehensive Inventory of New Auto Arrivals

In Ogden, we also provide signature weekend specials on used car parts, where you can take advantage of promotional pricing on parts like A/C blower motors, rear axles, windshields, door glasses, and so much more.

Tear A Part knows that buying used car parts with confidence comes from two requirements: transparency and organization. We treat our entire inventory of used cars in Ogden like a fleet of potential solutions to the parts problem you’re facing

But it can only serve you if we can find it. A car with premium parts on our lot can be valuable to several people at once. This makes them an invaluable resource for the Tear A Part team.

When you arrive at our lot looking for a specific part, we’ll print out the exact location of where a car sits on our lot.

Learn more about the ease and speed of finding a used car part at Tear A Part.

Try Tear A Part Today!

Our business practices should tell you something about our priorities -- we’re focused on helping you sell your car or find your part — all while preserving and protecting the environment.

For us, that looks like developing an award-winning system for the extraction and separation of hazardous fluids in automobiles.

We’re progressive and innovative enough to constantly upgrade and use technology intended to enhance these protective environmental measures — this is a crucial part of our value as a company.

On the retail side, this excellence and commitment translate into excellence in customer service, a car for your needs, and a focus on efficient service delivery. For 30 years, we’ve been refining our approach, getting it where we are today — a leading Ogden salvage yards.

If you agree with these values and want to experience the professional and personable customer service we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today.We’ll help you sell your car at a fair price or find the used car part you need — at unbeatable prices.

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