Should You Sell The Parts Off Your Junk Car?

January 8, 2021
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Should You Sell The Parts Off Your Junk Car?

Are you thinking of parting out a junked car?

It can be tempting to do so! You might see dollar signs flashing before your eyes as you think about how much money the engine, transmission, and all those other parts could bring in.

But, deciding to part out your vehicle shouldn’t be a decision made hastily. It’s a huge undertaking, so make sure you understand what you’re getting into.

To help you decide if parting out your car makes sense for you, here are eight questions to ask yourself.  

1.     Do You Have the Storage Space?

You will need space to store both the car and the parts you remove. It can take months to move the large pieces, and a whole lot longer to get rid of the rest.

By the time you’ve exhausted all your options, you’ll likely still have a pile of unwanted parts and pieces. There’s also the chassis you’ll have to store.

Where are you going to keep everything?

2.     Do You Have The Time?

Disassembling a vehicle takes time. A lot of time.

Plus you’ve got to have time to take high-quality photographs of your parts. And market them.

Then you have to talk and haggle with potential customers. Once someone agrees to buy, you’ll have to agree on a time and date. And hope they show up. And aren’t really a scammer.

Each part you sell will take a lot of your time. So make sure you have plenty of time to devote to this project.

3.     Do You Know Your Legal Responsibilities?  

Make sure you look into the local laws surrounding parting your car and understand them. The last thing you need from your junked vehicle is a lawsuit.

When you sell used parts, you’ve got to disclose everything you know.

If you make false claims about the condition of the part someone buys, or you fail to tell them something that is important, you can be liable for fraud.  Even if you sell your parts “as-is.”

You’ll also need to verify which buyer gets the title. Typically it goes with the frame of the vehicle, but double check the laws in your area.

Also, make sure there aren’t any HOA or zoning laws that prohibit you from selling used auto parts.

4.     Are You Prepared to Dispose Properly of the Waste?

When you take your car apart, you’re going to have waste. The oil, transmission fluid, and gas can all cause terrible damage to the environment if not handled properly. So can the other fluids.

You can’t just let them run out onto the ground. If you do, you can potentially contaminate the groundwater beneath you.

Are you prepared to collect these and dispose of them in a proper, legal manner?

5.     Do You Have the Knowledge to Pull the Parts?

You’ll make the most profit if you pull the parts yourself. But, do you know how?

There are YouTube videos you can watch, and books you can read. However, if you pull a part incorrectly you risk damaging the part making it worthless.

6.     Do You Have the Tools You Need?

Auto mechanics have a ton of specialized tools to help them remove parts. Do you have these available?

For instance, in addition to the standard sockets and drivers, you’ll need a hoist system to get the engine out of your car. You’ll also need a torque wrench. As you remove other parts, you’ll need additional tools.

You might be able to borrow these from your local parts store, but you’ll want to know for sure before you get started.

Make sure you add up the cost of any tool purchases or rentals, because these will affect your project’s profitability.

7.     Where Are You Going to Sell the Parts?

You’ll find your best source of buyers online. But, many online marketplaces require a fee or a percentage of your sales. You’ll also have to figure out shipping.

Your other option is to sell locally. But this also has its downsides. There might not be a market, at this particular time, for your parts.

Spend some time doing some research to learn:

  • The best market for your particular vehicle
  • What the demand is
  • How much similar parts are selling for
  • What fees (if any) are associated with any sales

You can’t sell without buyers, so this research is definitely worth your time.

8.     What Will You Do with the Rest of the Car?

Some items sell well. As long as they’re in good shape, your engine and transmission will likely be the first to go.

But, you aren’t going to sell every part. Some will be too damaged or rusty to sell. Others you just won’t have a market for.

Do you have a plan for what to do with what’s left?

You may need to pay to have the rest of the vehicle removed. Otherwise you’ll be left staring at a rusty hunk of junk for a long time.

Know your options and make a plan for getting rid of the leftover parts and the frame.

Is Parting Your Junked Car Right for You?

After you’ve taken time to honestly answer these questions, you’ll have a better idea if you’re ready to part out your own car.

If you are, good luck! It’s a long process, but it can be rewarding.

If you decide you don’t have the time, skills, or resources to deal with parting out your vehicle, don’t worry. Tear-A-Part will gladly take the whole thing off your hands. And give you top dollar for it as well.

That means you’ll walk away with cash in hand AND you won’t have to worry about a growing inventory of used car parts taking over your garage.

Ready to sell? Contact Tear-A-Part today!