Recycling Your Car Drastically Reduces Pollution

January 8, 2021
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Recycling Your Car Drastically Reduces Pollution

In America, consumers are becoming used to recycling. Whether it’s glass, paper, plastic or metal, a lot of communities throughout the United States are familiar with the benefits of turning waste into new products. Why is it, then, that a lot of people just abandon their old cars when they could be getting cash for them, while also helping to protect the environment?!

Cars are the number one product recycled in the United States, with over 12 million cars recycled every year. Just the steel and aluminum alone recovered from the recycled cars is enough to save 85 million barrels of oil every year. New technologies enable the recycling of car components that used to be destined for the landfills just a few years ago. Take windshields, for example, that were hard to recycle because they’re manufactured out of a combination of glass and plastic. Recycled windshields are now turned into tiles, office partitions, fiberglass insulation and even countertops.

So if you’re left wondering: what is the eco-friendly way to get rid of an old car? Sell it for cash, of course. Tear-a-part pays cash for your old car, helps with removal, and employs environmentally-friendly technology to make sure your car is recycled properly. With our award-winning system for the extraction and separation of hazardous fuels, we make sure that even the hardest components to recycle are recovered safely.

Want to help contribute to the supply of recycled car parts? Tear-A-Part proudly supports the recycling of cars and pays cash on the spot for every car they receive. If you’re interested in recycling your car, then click here to have a Tear-A-Part buyer schedule your pick up today.