How to Know If You’re Pulling the Right Part

January 8, 2021
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How to Know If You’re Pulling the Right Part

We know, your car has lots of parts.

And many of them look alike. Or some assemblies have multiple pieces and you only need to fix a single piece.

It’s easy to get mixed up – especially if you’re new to pulling parts. Or when you’re in a salvage yard working on a car that isn’t yours.

The last thing you want to do is get home and realize that the part you pulled won’t fit. Or that you pulled the wrong one.

The good news is that if you pulled the part from Tear-A-Part, you can take advantage of our 30-day exchange policy – easily returning the unwanted piece. But you’d still have to make another trip, blowing another part of your day.

And you’ll have to spend more time in the lot pulling the right part when what you really want to be doing is just fixing your car. It can be a time waster for sure.

To avoid this situation, follow these four tips to ensure you pull just the part you need – every time.

1. Snap a Pic

Pictures really are worth a thousand words! They capture the details you need that are sometimes hard to remember.

So pull out your smartphone or a digital camera and take a picture or two of the piece you need before heading to the yard.

Then when you’re here, compare the part you think is right to your picture. Check out the angles, count the bolt holes and give everything a second look.

Taking a little extra time up front, will help you ensure you’re getting the right fit the first time!

2. Pull Your Old Part First

Take time to pull off your own broken part before you go to get its replacement.

This way you’ll be able to hold it and turn it over. You’ll get to see what every side looks like and know exactly where it came from.

Remember to use a flashlight and look carefully at the location of the part. If it’s just a piece of a larger assembly, removing it on your own vehicle first will teach you just how it comes apart.

Pulling your old part will also tell you exactly what size bolts are used. You’ll want to be sure the new one uses the same size.

As a bonus, you’ll now know exactly what tools to bring along!

3. Watch a YouTube Video

If you get to the salvage yard and can’t find what you’re looking for, let YouTube save the day. There are plenty of how-to car repair videos uploaded on the site.

Pull out your smartphone and do a quick search for “your car’s model + the part you need.” Often you can find a video telling how to remove and replace the part.

Videos offer a visual that you can’t replicate with still photos and can do a great job showing you what you need.

4. Check the Interchange System

Before diving into your part pulling experience, remember to have a staff member check the vehicle interchange system.

This system will see if you can pull a compatible part from an older or newer model. You’ll also learn which other vehicles house the same parts as your vehicle.

If you do use a part from a different make and model, you might find it located in a slightly different spot. That’s why knowing what your part looks like is so important.

Do You Need a Part?

When it’s time to repair your vehicle, contact Tear-A-Part and see if we have what you need in the yard.

We’ll save you money over the auto parts store and thanks to the above tips, you should now have the confidence of knowing you’re pulling the right part!