What Happens To Your Used Car after Tear-A-Part Buys it

January 8, 2021
Selling your cars

What Happens To Your Used Car after Tear-A-Part Buys it

Does your vehicle need more repairs than it’s worth?

Or maybe your car has reached the end of its drivable life? Or perhaps, you’re sick of hearing your better half complain about that eyesore that’s been sitting on your property for one year too long?

Let Tear-A-Part Take Care of It

Give us a call and we’ll come pick up your old car. Right away!

Did you know that we actually have the fastest buying process in all of Utah?

And best of all, we’ll put money back in your pocket. We pay in cash, on the spot for cars. Even ones that don’t run.

After we pay for your vehicle and take it away, we’ll ensure that it’s recycled properly using our four-step, earth-friendly recycling system.

Because like you, we want to make our world better.

And left to sit, junked cars leak toxic fluids from the engine and gas tanks. The parts won’t decompose. The vehicle will just sit there and rust.


And we both know there’s a better way to take care of an old vehicle. Instead, let us recycle yours, help others and better the environment. And the process couldn’t be easier on your end – we make it turnkey by taking care of everything, so you don’t have to.

Curious to know more? Here’s a quick look at exactly what happens to your car once it leaves your house.

1. We Remove the VIN Number from DMV Databases

Every car has a VIN number.

It’s the vehicle’s unique identifier. So, the first thing we do is take your car’s VIN number out of the databases at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

It’s an official move, to ensure your salvaged car can’t ever end up repaired and sold to an unsuspecting consumer.

2. We Depollute the Vehicle

Cars hold many hazardous components. Once the VIN is removed from the system, it’s time to get the toxins out.

It’s important to handle these fluids and parts properly – and quickly. That’s why we take time to depollute each and every vehicle as it enters the yard.

After removing the antifreeze, any mercury switches and the airbags, we dispose of them in facilities designed to handle hazardous materials. We make sure none of it gets tossed onto the ground.

Next, our staff drains all other fluid like oil, fuel and coolant. We reuse or dispose of each of them in turn, responsibly.

Removing the fluids completes the depollution stage, and your car is ready for the next step.

3. We Prep Your Car for Part Removal

Your old car still has a lot to offer. Many parts probably still work.

And those parts can help extend the life of other cars.

To make it easy for consumers to find the parts they need from your car, we’ll put the vehicle up on blocks. That way all of the parts are accessible for someone new to find and reuse.

By carefully inventorying each car on our lot, we know what parts are available. And our proprietary system shows us which parts are compatible with other makes and models. Cool, huh?

That helps get all of the working parts back on the road again. Once all of the viable pieces have been removed, your car’s journey with Tear-A-Part is almost complete.

4. We Dismantle and Recycle the Rest

Almost every part of your car is reusable, and we want to recycle as much as possible. When it’s time, we dismantle your car’s frame and take it to a recycling plant.

There, the steel and nonferrous metals are removed and reused. Your old beater might be transformed into metal cans, the steel frame of a new vehicle or even a brand spanking new children’s bicycle. See, it’s not done being useful yet!

That’s why it’s essential to sell your used vehicle to a company that cares about the environment. A company that wants to ensure your car doesn’t sit and rust in a landfill. A company that sees new life in wreckage.

Because we want the best for your old car. And for the environment.

Ready to sell your vehicle to us? Click the button below to give us your information and we’ll call you back with a top-dollar quote ASAP!