7 Simple Ways to Protect the Environment as a Car Owner

January 8, 2021

7 Simple Ways to Protect the Environment as a Car Owner

Are you a green car owner?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to drive a hybrid or stop driving altogether to make a difference. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re using here are seven ways, you can help protect the environment.

These ideas are simple to implement, and beneficial. They’ll help reduce pollution and keep the ground water clean. After all, we want this place to be around for the next generation to enjoy.

Buy Used Parts When Possible

When a car reaches the end of its drivable life, many components still work perfectly. Those parts are often in a junkyard, waiting for someone to come and get them.

By using used parts, you:

  • Give a new life to a part just sitting.
  • Reduce the amount of packaging used.
  • Minimize the amount of manufacturing needed for your car’s repair.
  • Save a lot of money!

The inventory at Tear-A-Part changes often, so if you’re in need of a part, contact us first. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, this post explains what you can do.

Dispose of Used Fluids Properly

Do you change your own oil? If you do, what do you do with the used oil when you’re done?

Hopefully, you’re taking it to a used oil collection center. Properly disposing of used auto fluids helps keep chemicals out of the water. No one wants to drink water contaminated with used oil!

Other fluids from your car are also contaminants. Some recycling centers accept used anti-freeze, so give your local center a call to see if you can bring it there.

Wash Your Car Carefully

When your car needs a bath, you can take simple steps to prevent wasting water and contaminating the groundwater. To help, you can:  

  • Use non-toxic cleaner.
  • Park your car on the grass or in a gravel area to filter the dirty water.
  • Use a bucket to cut back on the amount of water used.
  • Have a nozzle on your hose to cut off water when you’re not using it.
  • Go to a commercial car wash.

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

When your car is well maintained, it uses less gas. You’ll have fewer leaks dumping fluids into the ground. So, call your mechanic and schedule a tune up if your vehicle is due.

Don’t Top Off the Gas

When you’re fueling your vehicle, stop when the nozzle automatically stops. Forcing extra gas into your car can cause fumes to leak.

You’ll not only be protecting the environment, you’ll also keep your hands from smelling like gas. That’s a win-win!

Ditch Your Car Occasionally

Think about your schedule, and brainstorm ways to ditch your car occasionally. By leaving it parked, you’ll save gas, and help minimize pollution. Instead of driving, ask yourself if you can:

  • Walk
  • Ride a bike
  • Carpool
  • Skip a trip
  • Take public transportation

Recycle Your Car

When your car no longer works don’t abandon it in the woods. Recycle it for cash instead! The components of your vehicle can turn into:

  • Spare parts for another car owner.
  • Backsplashes for a kitchen or bathroom.
  • Rubber mulch for a local playground.
  • Steel beams in a new construction project.
  • New bumpers for other cars.

And so much more! By weight, 84 percent of a car is recyclable.

If you’re ready to turn your junked car into cash, contact Tear-A-Part today. One of our buyers will help walk you through the process and get you top dollar.