5 Smart Reasons to Sell Your Car

January 8, 2021
Selling your cars

5 Smart Reasons to Sell Your Car

Are you wondering what to do with your junked car?

Have you considered selling it? It’s a great way to quickly take care of your junker. If you’re wondering if selling is a good option for you, here are five reasons for you to consider

1. Make Money

Running or not, your junked car is worth something. When you sell it, you’ll make some money.

Turning your junk into cash is a pretty smart deal!

Of course, you’ll want to be careful not to get scammed during this process. You should always deal with a reputable company like Tear-A-Part so you wind up with cash in hand and not an unexpected bill for towing or storage.

What could you do with some extra money?  

2. It’s Easy

Trying to sell your junked car in the online marketplace is a hassle. You have to:

  • Take pictures of it
  • Figure out a fair asking price
  • List your car with all the details
  • Answer emails, texts, and phone calls asking for information
  • Sort out messages from bots or scammers and hope you’re dealing with real people
  • Arrange to meet potential buyers
  • Answer questions about the history of the vehicle
  • Negotiate prices
  • Hope you’re able to close the deal

It’s a headache you don’t need to deal with. Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it trying to figure out how to sell your car for cash.

Instead, let us take care of it for you. It’s a hassle-free buying process so you can get rid of your car quickly.

3. It’s Great for the Environment

Do you know what happens to your junked car if you just abandon it? All the fluids can leak out, potentially contaminating nearby groundwater. The windows will break, leaving a mess of glass behind. The rubber deteriorates, and eventually mold grows.

A junked car is not good for the environment.


Don’t just leave your car to rust. Instead, sell it so it can be recycled. Nearly the entire vehicle can be reused. It’s a much more environmentally friendly option.

4. Get Rid of An Eyesore

Are your neighbors complaining about your junked car? Does everyone else in your family wish it would just disappear?

A broken-down vehicle is an eyesore! It’s painful to look at, especially if it brings back memories of a wreck.

Get it out of your driveway once and for all, so you can reclaim the space.

5. It Keeps a Dangerous Car Off the Road

Sometimes junked cars still run. Sort of.

If you sell your car to someone else, they might decide to try to drive it home. The road is no place for a broken-down vehicle.

The tires could fly off, the engine might overheat, or it could just stall in the middle of the lane. It could even cause a massive accident.

Keep everyone safe by selling your car to a salvage yard instead. Then you will know it’s getting towed off your property instead of driven.

It’s a much safer option!  

Ready to Sell?

Are you ready to turn your junked car into cash? Selling your car is a smart decision!

Contact Tear-A-Part today. We offer the fastest buying process in Utah to help you make the decision to sell your car even easier.