How to Know If You’re Pulling the Right Part

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We know, your car has lots of parts.

And many of them look alike. Or some assemblies have multiple pieces and you only need to fix a single piece.

It’s easy to get mixed up – especially if you’re new to pulling parts. Or when you’re in a salvage yard working on a car that isn’t yours.

The last thing you want to do is get home and realize that the part you pulled won’t fit. Or that you pulled the wrong one.

The good news is that if you pulled the part from Tear-A-Part, you can take advantage of our 30-day exchange policy – easily returning the unwanted piece. But you’d still have to make another trip, blowing another part of your day.

And you’ll have to spend more time in the lot pulling the right part when what you really want to be doing is just fixing your car. It can be a time waster for sure.

To avoid this situation, follow these four tips to ensure you pull just the part you need – every time.

“How to Know If You’re Pulling the Right Part”

How to Read Your Vehicle’s VIN Number

Understanding Your Vehicle

Just like you, your car’s VIN number is a unique snowflake.

In fact, every vehicle that’s ever been manufactured is supposed to get its own number assigned. But contrary to popular believe, those 17 digits aren’t just for vehicle identification (in the event of a theft or something).

They’re also full of information about your car.

For example, when you’re buying parts for your car, your VIN can provide essential details about your make, model and engine. And this information will ensure that you pick parts that are compatible with your vehicle. Kind of important, right?

Where to Find Your VIN

You can find your VIN number in several places on your vehicle.

“How to Read Your Vehicle’s VIN Number”

Recycling Your Car Drastically Reduces Pollution

Selling Your CarUnderstanding Your Vehicle


In America, consumers are becoming used to recycling. Whether it’s glass, paper, plastic or metal, a lot of communities throughout the United States are familiar with the benefits of turning waste into new products. Why is it, then, that a lot of people just abandon their old cars when they could be getting cash for them, while also helping to protect the environment?!

“Recycling Your Car Drastically Reduces Pollution”