What Happens To Your Car After You Sell It To Us?

Selling Your Car


Does your vehicle need more repairs than it’s worth?

Or maybe your car has reached the end of its drivable life? Or perhaps, you’re sick of hearing your better half complain about that eyesore that’s been sitting on your property for one year too long?

Let Tear-A-Part Take Care of It

Give us a call and we’ll come pick up your old car. Right away!

Did you know that we actually have the fastest buying process in all of Utah?

And best of all, we’ll put money back in your pocket. We pay in cash, on the spot for cars. Even ones that don’t run.

After we pay for your vehicle and take it away, we’ll ensure that it’s recycled properly using our four-step, earth-friendly recycling system.

Because like you, we want to make our world better.

And left to sit, junked cars leak toxic fluids from the engine and gas tanks. The parts won’t decompose. The vehicle will just sit there and rust.


“What Happens To Your Car After You Sell It To Us?”

Going Parts Picking? Bring These Tools Along!

Do It YourselfParts


Close your eyes and picture a mechanic’s garage.

Now hone in on the tools.

Are you seeing them? Lots and lots and lots of tools.

How do they know which to use?

Well, they’re professionals and have likely received education, training and certifications that you have not.

For example, you already know you’re saving a ton of money buying your car part from Tear-A-Part. But, you might be a little unsure what tools you need to bring.

After all, there are tons of tools on the market for taking parts off cars… And for putting them back on again.

Are you supposed to bring your entire tool collection on-site, just in case? Won’t all those tools get heavy to lug around?

Don’t worry. There are several strategies to find out what tools you should bring.

“Going Parts Picking? Bring These Tools Along!”

5 Steps to Take Before Selling Your Junked Car

Do It YourselfSelling Your Car


Are you ready to sell your clunker for cash?

If you are, we’re here to make the process as easy as possible for you. For example, we pay you cash on the spot AND arrange to pick up your car ASAP.

But there are a few tasks that you need to handle to make sure the transaction goes smoothly on your end. And having these taken care of before the tow truck arrives will ensure the sale will happen without delay!

They’ll also help you to get the most bang for your buck. And who doesn’t want that?

So if you’re planning on scrapping your car, be sure to tackle these five tasks first.

1. Remove All of Your Personal Belongings

Cars can hold a lot of stuff. From the trunk to the pockets on the back of your seats to the glove box and center console, there are plenty of nooks and crannies where you’ll probably find things.

“5 Steps to Take Before Selling Your Junked Car”

7 Ways to Stay Safe in the Salvage Yard

Do It YourselfParts


Buying auto parts at a salvage yard is a great way to save money and help reduce pollution.

But buying used auto parts isn’t as simple as walking into an air-conditioned store and pulling what you need off an organized shelf. I.e. At the salvage yard, you’ll be using your tools to remove your new (to you) parts from a car out on the yard.

You’ll be getting your hands dirty. You’ll be exposed to the elements.

That means you’ll also need to be careful, and follow all of the safety rules. To help you accomplish that, here are seven ways to stay safe the next time you’re pulling your own parts.

1. Choose Your Clothes Carefully

You might not win any fashion awards with your part-pulling attire, but choosing the correct clothes and shoes will help keep you safe.

“7 Ways to Stay Safe in the Salvage Yard”

What If Tear-A-Part Doesn’t Have My Part?



Tear-A-Part’s inventory is massive.

We literally have acres of vehicles for you to access. Even so, occasionally you’ll need a part from a make and model that’s not onsite.

It doesn’t happen a lot, but we have you covered regardless! We are dedicated to helping you save money and quickly find what you need.

Here are three different ways we can work with you to help you track down the exact part you’re looking for when it’s not housed on our lot.

1. The Interchange System

Did you know that many auto parts are actually compatible with several makes, models and manufacturing years?

It’s because each auto manufacturer makes a variety of vehicles. And in order to keep their production costs low, they use the same parts across their line whenever possible.

“What If Tear-A-Part Doesn’t Have My Part?”

How to Read Your Vehicle’s VIN Number

Understanding Your Vehicle

Just like you, your car’s VIN number is a unique snowflake.

In fact, every vehicle that’s ever been manufactured is supposed to get its own number assigned. But contrary to popular believe, those 17 digits aren’t just for vehicle identification (in the event of a theft or something).

They’re also full of information about your car.

For example, when you’re buying parts for your car, your VIN can provide essential details about your make, model and engine. And this information will ensure that you pick parts that are compatible with your vehicle. Kind of important, right?

Where to Find Your VIN

You can find your VIN number in several places on your vehicle.

“How to Read Your Vehicle’s VIN Number”

How To Increase Your Tax Deduction Using Your Vehicle



With the end of the year quickly approaching, many taxpayers are looking for a few last-minute strategies to relieve some of their tax burden.

And one of the most often overlooked ways to increase your annual tax deduction amount is by donating your old vehicle. (i.e. that eye sore) that your wife’s been nagging you to take care of for an eternity.

Today’s the day husbands!

“How To Increase Your Tax Deduction Using Your Vehicle”