5 Signs You’re Getting Scammed by the Junkyard


Getting scammed sucks!

Consumer education is a huge part of protecting yourself. Then you’ll know what red flags to watch for. There are scammers in every industry, so you’ve got to be on your toes.

If you’re in the market to junk your vehicle, it’s important to work with a reputable salvage yard. You don’t want to deal with a fly by night company that tries to take everything it can.

To help you avoid dishonest companies, here are five warning signs you may be getting scammed.

“5 Signs You’re Getting Scammed by the Junkyard”

How to Legally Remove an Abandoned Car in Utah


Is there an abandoned car on your property?

Whether you’re talking about a car that’s been rusting in the woods for decades, or a broken-down clunker that someone ditched on the street next to your house, you can legally get them removed.

Even if you don’t have the title.

But, there are a few steps you’ll have to take first. Before Tear-A-Part can remove the vehicle for you, you’ll have to have permission from the proper authorities. And have all the paperwork completed.

“How to Legally Remove an Abandoned Car in Utah”

What Happens to Your Car If You Just Abandon It?


Deciding your car isn’t worth fixing is frustrating. No one really wants to deal with a junker.

It might be tempting just to park it somewhere and forget about it. If you own a lot of land, or don’t care about an eyesore, abandoning your vehicle might be the easiest option.

But just leaving your car sitting isn’t wise. If you leave it anywhere besides your land, without permission from the landowner, you’re violating Utah traffic laws.

Also no matter where you leave it, cars are full of pollutants. They never decompose. You’ll be dealing with a rusted hunk of junk decades from now.

“What Happens to Your Car If You Just Abandon It?”

5 Benefits of Owning a Code Scanner for Your Vehicle

Do It Yourself

Today’s cars are full of technology. When a sensor detects a problem with this technology, your car’s computer pops a code, and the check engine light usually comes on.

This light means there’s a problem somewhere in the system. But, without reading the codes from the onboard computer, you won’t have any way of knowing where the problems are. You could need a new evaporative canister vent valve, your car could be misfiring, or your car could have one of the hundreds of other issues.

With so many possibilities, you need diagnostics to pinpoint the problem. You could take your car to the mechanic for a diagnostic, but that gets expensive.

Code scanners to the rescue!

“5 Benefits of Owning a Code Scanner for Your Vehicle”

5 Essential Preventive Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your Car Running Longer


Let’s face it, no one likes spending money on car repairs! That’s why keeping on top of preventive maintenance is essential.

Think about it this way—getting regular checkups from a doctor is recommended to keep your body healthy. These checkups are preventive. They’re meant to spot small problems before they turn into something more serious.

And just like your body needs regular checkups, so does your car. Staying up-to-date on preventative maintenance will keep your car running longer.

It’ll also prevent larger problems, and save you money in the long run. And who doesn’t want that?!?

“5 Essential Preventive Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your Car Running Longer”